Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get Paid for Tweeting

I would not reccommend doing this on a personal twitter account, unless you are somewhat popular on the internet 2k or more followers.

You can easily create another Twitter account, and could set something up like a meme to get more followers easier. People love that stupid shit.

Everything you need:

Make a new Twitter Account 

Sponsored Tweets   Pays you for tweeting

Twiends  Gets Twitter Followers

Free Auto Mouse Clicker (For Twiends)

Twitter Unfollower  Manage Filter

Setup your Twitter account somewhat, don't leave everything on default. Make sure you sign up with the email address for all links above.
Sponsored Tweets
At first ( Under 1k Followers) make your price about 10c - 50c. So you will get at least some request. 
After you get more than that go up to about 1$ then keep rising price as you see fit. But I wouldn't go to high like 10$ , remember your being paid, MONEY for just tweeting something. Unless you magically get famous and have a ridiculous amount of followers, then ask for a ridiculous amount of money.

Twiends works in a simple point system which are rewarded to you each time you follow a person offering seeds, each 2 seeds you get equals 1 follower. Use the Auto mouse clicker which you should set to click as fast as it can, when following people, because you don't have to move your mouse when following people on Twiends, which saves your hand from carpel tunnel ^_^
 Manage Filter
Once you follow about 1k on Twiends which is the common limit a day, go to Manage Filter and when in it click on Everyone You Follow, then you just drag over all the icons and click unfollow.
It unfollows 100 people at a time, so you do that 10 times, instead of clicking unfollow on 1,000 times.


It takes about 2 weeks to get a good amount of followers, once you do you will get probably one sponsored tweet request a week. This is a passive form of income. To get more followers follow people with the most followers. annnnnnnnd thats about it ^_^ hope this helps you out.

To for faster result just make more twitter accounts with the same set up which could be done by using say a seperate webrowser to so you don't have to log on and off over and over again.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mac's biggest mistake - Gaming

Mac's have always been know for being "lame" for the bare fact that gaming on one is a chore.

When computers got past being just very efficient work machines, people saw the potential to use them for many more things, one of them being games. Fast forward to around 2006. Computers are now a very common thing, most people know how to use them. And PC gaming a normal thing.

Different Architecture

1.  Around 2006 was the end of the PowerPc era for Apple and is when they switched to intel. All PC's (Windows/Linux) were either running off Intel or AMD. PowerPc was a whole other platform which you had to re-write code to get things to work on it. Which is something apple probably could have predicted would be the case, and would stunt many apps for their Macs. This made it so that the PC became the gaming machine. Macs could run games that were coded for them fine, and sometimes better since its on specific hardware. BUT it was some what a waste of time to code games for Mac since the big market was already with PC and it was easier to do.

Mouse Acceleration

2.  What is 99% of games on computers played with? A keyboard! Which every computer has and is basically the same. And a Mouse. Here's were apple Really REALLY fucked themselves. They have it set default-ly to have it so any mouse plugged into a mac will have whats called "Mouse Acceleration" Which might be cool in the OS , but in games it makes it really REALLY hard to aim, which is a key part to almost all games. The user can change it very easily. But most people didn't even know what to think of it.

 Those are the 2 Biggest things in my opinion of why Mac failed to this point in the gaming market.


If apple was to take some small steps they would change the gaming scene. Which I predict in about 3-4 years they will. Right now Every Mac ships with Ivy bridge Intel Processors , which is an APU ( Processor with Graphics that don't suck) which has Intel HD 4000, which gets OK framerates on most games, but could use an upgrade, which is going to happen in 3-4 years. Also since they are on intel which is the same playing feild as PC it would be easier for people to code games for mac from the pc. And bootcamp is a option.

  What Apple has to do to get more relevant in the game scene is disable mouse acceleration, make it 100% linear, another huge step, would to be have display macs in the apple stores preinstalled with Steam and popular games CS,COD, etc. People that buy macs right now have probably little intention of even playing games them. With Steam shoved in there face that introduces that option, and with mouse acceleration disables it killes a problem which they would initially run into.

Macs are sexy

-Peace out girl scout

Friday, February 8, 2013

Messaging / IM Rule

This shit has pissed me off since I even started using IM's and anything like them.

I am a person that can type and think fast ( I guess not very common ) and when I message someone I expect them to respond in about 4 seconds. Which would be how fast I would. But if you take like 1 - 2 minutes to respond KILL YOURSELF.

And by this I don't me like through email, offline messages, text, etc. I mean when I message someone who is online ( on anything ) not on mobile ONLINE AS FUCK, and they take a good year to respond.

So as damage control this is what I do. I take the time they took to respond to me, times that by 1.5 then take that much time to send the message that probably took me about 3 seconds to type out back to them. fuck you people. k thx bai

-Peace out girl scout

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gaming Hiatus

For the longest time now, I have been without a gaming console and my own stable internet connection. Which in return, has left me without a conventual way to get my gaming needs satisfied.

It has been so long now. But it is almost over for me. Here's my story so far.

After all my goodies got taken away. I was left with my dinky laptop that at the time of buying it I though was the bomb. Because HEY it had a touch screen! and the sales male said it could play games! Being actually smart now. I understand my laptop's lemitations. It haveing a 2.10 mobile bull shit fuck you AMD proccessor , and 200mb of internal bull shit fuck you ATI graphics, it can't do much right.
  SO with this in mind I was in search of games that had the multiplayer experience, having to do with bots :( that could run on my turd of a pc.  For you all out there with a similar problem here's a good list of games:

Quake 1
Quake 3 Arena , Quake live (practice mode)
Bejewled 3
Tradewinds (Some modes don't require a stable internet connection, such as move by day)
Starcraft 1 (maybe , never got to play it because it glitches out on my bull shit fuck you AMD turds)
Sid Miers Pirates
Sims ( older )
Call of Duty 1 ( Get ready to lower those settings :D)
AND idk about this one : Counter Strike 1.6 , me personally Quake is the bomb, counter strike is like tippy toe around then get 1 shotedddddd by a bot. Awesome, but if its your thing, than its your thing

With all these games I have made due , and hope you do too.

- Peace out girl scout

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rick Rolling program for Flash Drive

Based on PEM you can put this on your flash drive, and run 1 things and it extracts the video onto the host computer and opens it. And still runs after you unplug your flashdrive.

Monday, January 21, 2013

PEM - Personal Extractable Message v0.3 - Dev


PEM started as a personal project of mine, to make it so I can have a program that I can run off my flashdrive to write a silly message on my school / public computers, that doesn't harm it at all.

also its all about 5kb on flashdrive  so doesn't take up much space on your flashdrive. 

(Allows your to plug in flashdrive into computer, run a shortcut, which extracts message then runs it, haves rolling message displayed even when flashdrive is unplugged. 

What it do:

PEM displays a set message, in command prompt, with customize able color background, and text color ( which is explained in code) 

(How it works)
The 3 Batch files:

QWOPER: Runs the other 2 batch files.

batrainbow: is the main files maine, that displays the message.

diarrhea: extracts batrainbow to a destination (set in code).

Everything you need to know about how to use PEM is in the READme file.


also also ways to improve code, and personal edits,  etc is appreciated  ^_^

- Peace out girl scout 

--What to add---
Custom Icon
extractable from just pluggin in a flashdrive ( not having to run shortcut)
- idk

Sunday, January 20, 2013



Hi my names Sawyer, just made this blog to share things that I make/ my thoughts on other things. Also if you didn't notice the name is untitled backwards.

- Peace out girl scout