Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get Paid for Tweeting

I would not reccommend doing this on a personal twitter account, unless you are somewhat popular on the internet 2k or more followers.

You can easily create another Twitter account, and could set something up like a meme to get more followers easier. People love that stupid shit.

Everything you need:

Make a new Twitter Account 

Sponsored Tweets   Pays you for tweeting

Twiends  Gets Twitter Followers

Free Auto Mouse Clicker (For Twiends)

Twitter Unfollower  Manage Filter

Setup your Twitter account somewhat, don't leave everything on default. Make sure you sign up with the email address for all links above.
Sponsored Tweets
At first ( Under 1k Followers) make your price about 10c - 50c. So you will get at least some request. 
After you get more than that go up to about 1$ then keep rising price as you see fit. But I wouldn't go to high like 10$ , remember your being paid, MONEY for just tweeting something. Unless you magically get famous and have a ridiculous amount of followers, then ask for a ridiculous amount of money.

Twiends works in a simple point system which are rewarded to you each time you follow a person offering seeds, each 2 seeds you get equals 1 follower. Use the Auto mouse clicker which you should set to click as fast as it can, when following people, because you don't have to move your mouse when following people on Twiends, which saves your hand from carpel tunnel ^_^
 Manage Filter
Once you follow about 1k on Twiends which is the common limit a day, go to Manage Filter and when in it click on Everyone You Follow, then you just drag over all the icons and click unfollow.
It unfollows 100 people at a time, so you do that 10 times, instead of clicking unfollow on 1,000 times.


It takes about 2 weeks to get a good amount of followers, once you do you will get probably one sponsored tweet request a week. This is a passive form of income. To get more followers follow people with the most followers. annnnnnnnd thats about it ^_^ hope this helps you out.

To for faster result just make more twitter accounts with the same set up which could be done by using say a seperate webrowser to so you don't have to log on and off over and over again.


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