Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gaming Hiatus

For the longest time now, I have been without a gaming console and my own stable internet connection. Which in return, has left me without a conventual way to get my gaming needs satisfied.

It has been so long now. But it is almost over for me. Here's my story so far.

After all my goodies got taken away. I was left with my dinky laptop that at the time of buying it I though was the bomb. Because HEY it had a touch screen! and the sales male said it could play games! Being actually smart now. I understand my laptop's lemitations. It haveing a 2.10 mobile bull shit fuck you AMD proccessor , and 200mb of internal bull shit fuck you ATI graphics, it can't do much right.
  SO with this in mind I was in search of games that had the multiplayer experience, having to do with bots :( that could run on my turd of a pc.  For you all out there with a similar problem here's a good list of games:

Quake 1
Quake 3 Arena , Quake live (practice mode)
Bejewled 3
Tradewinds (Some modes don't require a stable internet connection, such as move by day)
Starcraft 1 (maybe , never got to play it because it glitches out on my bull shit fuck you AMD turds)
Sid Miers Pirates
Sims ( older )
Call of Duty 1 ( Get ready to lower those settings :D)
AND idk about this one : Counter Strike 1.6 , me personally Quake is the bomb, counter strike is like tippy toe around then get 1 shotedddddd by a bot. Awesome, but if its your thing, than its your thing

With all these games I have made due , and hope you do too.

- Peace out girl scout

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