Friday, February 8, 2013

Messaging / IM Rule

This shit has pissed me off since I even started using IM's and anything like them.

I am a person that can type and think fast ( I guess not very common ) and when I message someone I expect them to respond in about 4 seconds. Which would be how fast I would. But if you take like 1 - 2 minutes to respond KILL YOURSELF.

And by this I don't me like through email, offline messages, text, etc. I mean when I message someone who is online ( on anything ) not on mobile ONLINE AS FUCK, and they take a good year to respond.

So as damage control this is what I do. I take the time they took to respond to me, times that by 1.5 then take that much time to send the message that probably took me about 3 seconds to type out back to them. fuck you people. k thx bai

-Peace out girl scout

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